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We have a lot of English speaking business owners in Norway who can have a hard time maneuvering the Norwegian accounting jungle, that is why we are currently looking into posting some articles in English.

Good official information already exist in English, but as far as we can find, not many third parties write about tax and accounting in English, we want to explore if there is a need for it.

Official information in English

The official tax and accounting information in Norway you will find in the pages of the tax authorities –, and in Norways official website-portal for delivering tax and business related reports and fill out forms to the government –

Those websites already have a good amount of articles in English, which surely must be very useful for any English speaking business owner, and there is no need for repeating that information, but, as official information tend to be a bit extensive there might be a need for more to the point articles.

Our articles in English

We would write articles with less information, not trying to cover any aspect in any given situation, but try to point out the most important things to know. It could be simple step by step guides to fill out forms in Altinn, teaching how to do certain functions in accounting or simply explaining the meaning of different tasks of a small business owner in Norway.

What do you want to read about?

This article is a shout out to anyone searching for English accounting content online, and we would very much appreciate what kind of articles you would like to see in English on, if any at all?

For all we know, there is no need for this, because Google Translate is sufficient, please let us know!

The picture is from Freepik.

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